A Werewolf (Werewolves) is a creature that soley exists within Our World, and are considered one of the strongest within it, the second being the Vampires.


The Alphas are the leaders of packs that are descanded from a long term generation of strong werewolves. The strongest, and most powerful of the Alphas is none other than Tian Voderick, as he comes from a clan of ancient, powerful werewolves, and is a Pure-blood alpha of his kind.


The werewolves have a similarity to most humanoids, they walk on two feet with digitigrade legs. They are much taller than humans and other species. They have well-built and/or muscular bodies. The female of the werewolves do, however, take on a more human appearance, except for their tails and ears.

Werewolves live up to the same lifespan years as the humans and vampires (approximately 120 years). They eat their foods the way humans do. They bathe everyday at morning and night.

They also possess high levels of pheromones within their bodies that attract the opposite sex. All the females have to stay in warm or high temperature areas whenever they are pregnant for a full 9 months.

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

Werewolves are known to be very strong-hearted and very supportive of their kind. They rely on claws, fangs and weapons to combat their foes, and only use their magic & alchemy to save and protect lives.They eat three times the amount that humans eat. Werewolves have a tendency to get overly sexually active, more vicious, and ravenous when on a full moon at night (this can be noted when Tian nearly makes love to Selene). They are also known to be very honorable, even in terms of combat. Werewolves are also very courageous and selfless at heart, as they would risk their lives for the people they care for.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Werewolves have immense strength that is equal to, or stronger than Vampires. They also have great speed to go faster than motorcycle 10 motorcycles put together. They have a strong sense of smell. They can hear from long distances. And see in the night and darkness. They also possess immense strength that rivals those of the vampires, including speed, endurance, and combat skills. And they heal much quicker than others.

One rare thing about the werewolves is that several which can have powers that far surpass the others, and can control the elements of the world at their finger-tips, Tian Voderick proved this perfectly. Alpha werewolves are known to possess superior traits that are impossible to possess. Few are able to fully master their magical & alchemical abilities in just a month.


Earth MythEdit

The werewolves do not have a weakness for silver, crosses, holy items, and other things that the humans in Earth World believe them to have. They also do not have human forms to shift to (the females look completely human, but their ears and tails remain) they remain in their constant forms.